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The Friends of P-TECH seek to partner with the Texas Education Agency and school districts in Texas to support the state-wide higher education 60x30 initiative whereby the year 2030 60% of all adults ages 25-34 will have a certificate or degree. Additionally, one of the bills that was passed during the legislative session in 2017 is SB 1882. The Friends of P-TECH was also established to be a partner to school districts interested in utilizing SB 1882 pk-12 to create innovative school models; to replicate successful school models; and/or interested in a partner to turnaround low-performing schools.


The Friends of P-TECH is a non-profit working as a partner with public school leaders pk-12, higher education leaders, and leaders in the workforce to create school models that help transition students successfully from elementary to middle school to high school to college and the workforce and/or the military.


The Friends of P-TECH strives to ensure more students are life ready by helping them successfully transition from elementary school to middle school to high school to the military and/or college and the workforce.

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